PRESS RELEASE Feb 25, 2019

Uroboros: The Circle of Time – Launch of soulful science-fiction novel portraying ecological rebirth and integration

Chickpea Press is launching their first young adult science-fiction novel, a visionary tale of hope, balance, and renewal. Speaking to the growing awareness of the Sacred Feminine and the ecological crisis of our times, Uroboros: The Circle of Time will inspire a new generation of spiritually awake women and men.

Struggling to survive in a world ravaged by pollution, a teenage girl begins to experience visions of a solitary man living in a pristine paradise. Recognised as the Chosen One of her time, Eira embarks on a journey of self-discovery that will not only transform her, but the whole planet.

Due to be launched on 14th March in London, Uroboros: The Circle of Time addresses our current ecological crisis by introducing us to a not-too-distant Earth that has been nearly destroyed by mankind, and the journey of a teenage girl who fulfils a prophecy of renewal. Uroboros reimagines the archetypal Adam and Eve story for a post-modern world, movingly portraying the integration of masculine and feminine principles of creation.

Written by Tania Henzell-Thomas, the book is suffused with a gentle, universal spiritual outlook inspired by the author’s own Sufi Muslim faith and her love of the natural world. At a time when many are becoming disconnected from their environment, Henzell-Thomas seeks to evoke in her writing a sense of our profoundly deep bond with nature.

“This deeply moving story forces us to look with immediacy at the role we each play in the destruction and nurturance of our planet, and the symbolism will stay with you long after reading” said Saimma Dyer, Managing Director, Chickpea Press.

For more information about the launch of Uroboros: The Circle of Time see the invite.

Contact: Saimma Dyer, t: 07813 996845, e:


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