We offer engaging workshops for both adults and children based on spiritual themes which help build bridges across faith communities. These range from workshops exploring the concept of peace in the Abrahamic faiths, to workshops presenting the ancient art of whirling practiced by the whirling dervishes of the Mevlevi Order. As well as digital content, we use stories, song, and art, and can tailor the workshop according to your particular needs and budget.

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“The stories were beautiful and the singing was an unexpected treat.”
“Very good and enjoyable. The singing was a bonus. Good for both adults and children.”
“Made me think about the power of storytelling – lovely simple stories.”
“Excellent. Just at the correct level for children to understand and sing along.”
“It’s beneficial to all children to grow up with a well-rounded sense of other cultures, and for children who come from different backgrounds to grow up with a sense of place.”

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