Ramadan Mubarak! Throughout this month we will be exploring the names of God.

Day 29, Rabia Malik shares al-Ghafur, the Most Forgiving.

Day 28, Mahmoud Mostafa​ invokes al-Hayy, the Ever Living.

Day 27, Shazreh Hussain reflects on ar-Rahim, the Merciful.

Day 26, Saimma Dyer reflects on al-Jami, the Gatherer.

Day 25, Camille Helminski shares poetic reflections on al-Qadir, the All-Powerful & al-Muqtadir, the Creator of All Power.

Day 24, Henrietta Szovati​ experiences al-Ghaffar, the Ever Forgiving.

Day 23, Daliah Merzaban​ experiences al-Alim, the All-Knowing.

Day 22, Saqib Khan​ reflects on al-Afuw, the Eraser of Sin.

Day 21, Daniel Thomas Dyer experiences al-Muqit, the Nourisher.

Day 20, Bob Day reflects ar-Rahman, the Compassionate.

Day 19, Rizwan Kasmani​ reflects on al-Wahhab, the Giver of Gifts.

Day 18, Tasmiyah Shabir​ shares ash-Shakur, the Rewarder of Thankfulness.

Day 17, Rauf Sheikh explores ar-Raqib, the Watchful.

Day 16, Selim Schaurer reflects an-Nur, the Light.

Day 15, Tazeen Ahmad​ calls upon al-Mujib, the Responder to Prayer.

Day 14, Saimma Dyer reflects on al-Khabir, the All-Aware.

Day 13, Asma Bhol finds al-Haqq, the Truth.

Day 12, Aykut Akalin meets al-Hadi, the Guide.

Day 11, Sania Sehbai​ reflects on al-Quddus, the Holy.

Day 10, Fatimah Ashrif experiences al-Qabid, the Constrictor, and al-Basit, the Expander.

Day 9, Uzma Taj shares her experience of al-Wakil, the Trustee.

Day 8, Anna Rohleder offers some reflections on ash-Shafi, the Healer.

Day 7, Qaisra Khan on embodying al-Matin, the Steadfast.

Day 6, Ghassan El-Jabche welcomes as-Salam, the Source of Peace.

Day 5, Jannah Borish experiences al-Waliyy, the Friend.

Day 4, Shanon Shah draws comfort from al-Fattah, the Opener.

Day 3, Hana Iqbal shares her reflections on al-Karim, the Generous.

Day 2, Hasan & Sara Choudry experience as-Sabur, the Patient.

Day 1, Daniel Thomas Dyer explores as-Samad, the Satisfier of All Needs.

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