Daniel and JoyaWe’ve been working with the first of our two young contributors to THE 99 NAMES OF ALLAH recently. Joya Dettman is working with Daniel on developing An Nur: The Light. She had some insightful and illuminating reflections to share. Joya used her prism to help us explore the concept of light and colour. We look forward to putting her thoughts into the book!

Light   Prism

And continuing with light – we wish everyone Happy Diwali! The festival of light is a celebration of light over darkness and good triumphing over evil.

The significance of Dipavali is a re-enacting of this banishing darkness from within yourself, of shaking yourself free from the sleep of ignorance, and waking up into the light of a new dawn of full awareness…And to remind you of this, each year the festival of lights is held during the darkest night. It comes as an annual reminder of what you have to do—banish darkness, bring in light, be full of light and revel in the Illumination. Fill yourself with the Light. Fill the whole world with light by your own being in it.

~ Sri Swami Chidananda


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