Embracing All

In the climate of division and exclusion that is our world today, the Name that inspires me is al-Wasi, the All-Embracing. God embraces all people, regardless of colour, race, religion or beliefs. The world would be a much better place if we all aspired to al-Wasi, especially those in power and authority.

We must teach our children by example to be understanding, tolerant and just towards others. There are many intertwining paths to God and when our paths cross we must meet with an open mind and respect for differing beliefs, not bigotry and hatred.

Through Chickpea Press, Daniel and Saimma hope to uphold this principle which is embodied in their ‘Vision’:

We believe that there are many paths to God, and even whilst making a whole-hearted devotion to one, we may benefit from a sharing  of hearts and stories by all.

I wish them every success with their beautiful book, The 99 Names of God, and look forward to their next book, Brother Brendan Goes to Sea.

~ Marie Dyer, retired teacher

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