The 99 Names of God Contemplation Cards

Written and illustrated by Daniel Thomas Dyer, calligraphy by Azim Rehmatdin
CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK – contact us for a bulk reprint

ISBN: 9780957138834
10.5 x 4.4 x 14.8 cm (A6)
101 cards, full colour

These cards are offered as an educational resource for contemplating the 99 Names of God found within Islam. Designed to appeal to young and old alike, each card has the following features:

  • A Name of Allah in beautiful Arabic script.
  • A translation, transliteration, and pronunciation guide for the Name.
  • An illustrated sign of the Name we can witness in the world around or within us.
  • A suggestion for exploring the Name using action, reflection, consultation, meditation, research, or reference to the Quran.

The cards are based on material from the book, The 99 Names of God.






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