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I like that the book has quotes from other religions like the Torah from Judaism…it can relate to all sorts of's not just Muslim children who can learn from it.

Sandalee Ali-Sehbai 12 years old

I was very moved by the resource you are developing on the 99 Names. It is very special – simple yet really profound in its content. Above all, it is saturated in a most beautifully gentle and nurturing quality of love and mercy.

Dr Jeremy Henzell-Thomas Visiting Fellow, Centre of Islamic Studies, University of Cambridge

The 99 Names of God

An inspiring and colourful guide to the Divine Names for children, parents and teachers that creatively introduces readers to names that describe Allah.


We offer fun and inspiring tailored workshops based on faith and spirituality that can cover RE, English, Art and Drama among other subjects.

Sufi Tales

A collection of weird and wonderful stories adapted from the poetry of Rumi and inspired by his great spirit.